Port of Toledo
Former Fred Wahl
Drydock Redevelopment

A contaminated sediment cleanup action was initiated at the former Fred Wahl Boatyard in Toledo, Oregon, which was operated by Fred Wahl Marine Construction from about 1996 through 2008. Sediments in the Yaquina River have been impacted by elevated copper and tributyltin (TBT) concentrations from the historical operations of the boatyard, which includes a dry dock, boat lift, piers, sandblast tent, office building, and upland work areas. Copper and TBT were used as antifoulants in marine paint (to reduce biological growth on boat hulls) and were likely released to the river from overspray of painting or sandblasting activities on the dry dock, inadequate cleaning of the dry dock prior to submergence, or entrainment of paint and sandblast grit particles in stormwater runoff from boat repair activities on the upland. The Port of Toledo purchased the site property and facilities from Fred Wahl Marine Construction by entering into a prospective purchaser agreement (PPA) with ODEQ.

The Oregon Business Development Department has provided some of the funding for this work through a Brownfield Grant to the Port. Cleanup activities will be conducted under a consent judgment between the Port and ODEQ. ART took the lead in heading up an extensive oversight of the environmental cleanup, permitting, and eventual preparation of final cleanup report for “No Further Action” status for the site. The Port of Toledo along with ART is currently acquiring a Joint Permit from the Army Corps of Engineers and the State of Oregon Department of State Lands for removal of the contaminated sediments. ART assisted and maintained vital communications with numerous regulatory agencies involved in the project.

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